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opioid epidemic

Opiods May Increase Pain Instead of Decreasing it

This is an interesting article from NPR touching on the phenomenon of hyperalgesia induced by opioids. Instead of making the pain better, they may actually make it worse over the long-term. Yet another reason to reign in the use of opioids for treating chronic pain…

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Opioid Epidemic Made Worse By Medicaid?

Below is a link to an article from Vox that addresses an issue that some Senators are raising - did the expansion of medicaid fuel the opioid crisis by allowing easier and cheaper access to prescription opioids? It is an interesting argument, and the article…

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Lethality of Opioids

Here is an excellent article from Scientific American explaining in very simple terms how opioids exert their lethal effects. It also explains why the more potent opioids such as fentanyl pose an even greater threat to life. The usual doses of naloxone that are used…

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President Declares Opioid Crisis A ‘Public Health Emergency’

President Trump recently declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency, pushing this glaring subject further in the spotlight. However, many feel that this is not enough as the declaration does not by itself provide any additional funding or resources to actually fight this problem.…

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