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Lethality of Opioids

Here is an excellent article from Scientific American explaining in very simple terms how opioids exert their lethal effects. It also explains why the more potent opioids such as fentanyl pose an even greater threat to life. The usual doses of naloxone that are used…

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Opioid Crisis – How We Got Here

An excellent article from Vox providing some insight into how the opioid crisis evolved over the last 2-3 decades. There is no doubt that this epidemic was fueled - in no small measure - by rampant prescription of opiates by doctors. This trend particularly took…

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Opioid Overdose Related Costs of Care Soaring

This article details one city's struggle to contain costs as it deals with its opioid crisis. It seems the same scenario is playing out in cities big and small across the nation. The costs of hospitalization and medical care associated with drug use, particularly overdoses,…

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President Declares Opioid Crisis A ‘Public Health Emergency’

President Trump recently declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency, pushing this glaring subject further in the spotlight. However, many feel that this is not enough as the declaration does not by itself provide any additional funding or resources to actually fight this problem.…

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Pharmaceutical CEO Arrested In Opioid Probe

The CEO of Insys Therapeutics, which makes a spray form of fentanyl, was arrested on charges of fraud and racketeering. It seems that he and his company have been under scrutiny for some time due to their unethical and illegal practice of enticing physicians to…

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New Vaccines for Heroin in the Works

Here is an article detailing the work being done toward developing a vaccine against heroin. It seems like an ingenious concept, but a vaccine will hardly be an effective solution for opiate addiction by itself. Here are some of the reasons we must temper our…

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